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This hotel threatens to undo her. Having passed through the door again, she'd found herself in the hotel lobby, kitted out with sword, musket, riding leathers, and pauldron but alarmingly without the corset she used to disguise her sex. Nearly in a panic, she'd tied her jacket closed up to the neck and hurried her way to her assigned chamber. Surely, a spare would be easily found...

In her hurry, she'd not realized the door had failed to properly close.
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When Athos passes by the woman, there is a brief moment in which he thinks that of course d'Artagnan has been indiscreet and has loaned his clothes up to a woman, so following her he had intended to make his questions known. It is even stranger to find her going to his room, but Athos approaches with a knock on the door before entry, arching his brow. "Did he let you take all of his things as some sort of bedroom game?" he wonders.
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Athos stops at the door with a bewildered look on his face, staring inside as though he has been drinking and has no idea what on earth to do with the young woman shouting his name. "How do you know me? Did d'Artagnan tell you of me?"
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He blinks and wonders if he has been drinking without his being aware. Is this yet another trick of the hotel that plagues him? He does not know this woman, yet she speaks to him as though they are of a firm acquaintance. More than that, her lack of dress pulls his gaze lower before he forces himself to look away for propriety's sake. "I assure you, I don't know the rules of this game we are supposedly playing."
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"The man with which you slept," Athos makes his assumptions and his logical conclusion. He has no idea why d'Artagnan would give a young woman his clothes to wear or his room to use, but it is the only explanation that Athos can think that makes sense. "Where is he now? I'd like to speak to him about his permitting of a young lady his clothing so readily."
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"There is no charade," he can assure the woman, feeling strangled and out of sorts. It is wine or brandy that he requires, now, to endure whatever madness this appears to be. Regarding the woman, his eyes slip lower before he can stop himself, and he forces his eyes up to hers. "I assure you before this moment, we have never met."
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There is some misunderstanding here, to be sure. Even had Athos thought d'Artagnan to be capable of lying to him to this degree, he does not entirely understand what this lie would have to do with the woman before him. "And when you say you've been lying to me," he says patiently. "Exactly how do you mean?"
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He blinks.

None of this is making any sense and it is not the non-sensical drivel that might occur when he is too drunk to reason. D'Artagnan seems well and truly convinced that he is as he has always been in this form, which is utterly false. Unfortunately, Athos has little clue how to argue without running in circles. "D'Artagnan," he remarks evenly. "I can assure you, you have not been hiding anything from me. Your name is Charles, you once told me that," he says patiently.

Perhaps he is mad, but he will try reason a little while longer.
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"And your beard was beginning to come in," Athos continues as he shoots d'Artagnan a pointed look that practically begs for an explanation for that. "Your hair was shorter," he inclines towards the hair. "And I can assure you that your waist was not so tapered."
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Wearily sighing, Athos clambers inside the room a bit more. He creaks as he settles himself down on one knee. If this truly if d'Artagnan and some odd trick of the mind has made him (or her, rather) think that this is how she is meant to be, then Athos should not be so cruel, not only because he fears dark-haired beauties, thanks to Anne.

"It is no game. Only my memory," he assures, perfunctorily. "I'm sorry if our tales do not match."
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"I assure you, there is no hate." Only confusion, for he still does not believe the d'Artagnan in front of him to be the one he knows. It simply doesn't make sense and Athos has long yearned for things to make sense. "Wherever you come from, I am sure your Athos could not hate you, either. Not if you remain as talented with a sword as the d'Artagnan I know.'
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"Yes, I recall," Athos agreed, shifting his weight onto both of his knees as a prelude to standing, cautious and careful. "D'Artagnan..." He breathlessly shakes his head, still confused as to how such a thing could be possible.

"Did you wander through a door?" he wonders, next.
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"Your words do not agree with my eyes," Athos says, and though his vision has been distrusted before thanks to the drink, he is absolutely sober now. "If I had a picture, I would do my best to prove it to you, but I can swear that I have seen you with barely a shirt and I avow there has been no such..." He gestures, colouring greatly, as his hand passes over her torso.
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"Yes, but your other self did allow me to see such things. Shirtless, often in the garrison," Athos feels compelled to point out. "And when you have examples like Aramis and Porthos with their lack of care as to how many buttons are undone...well, you did follow suit at times."
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"The doors here lead to wild places," Athos reminds d'Artagnan, thinking of the strange futures he has seen both of that odd Las Vegas and that worse Disneyland he had found. "Perhaps this is yet another trick? Perhaps it also has the ability to render you...different."
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"I wish that I could tell you that I know of a way to stop such things, but I do not," Athos says, feeling incredibly out of his depth as he offers her a sad smile. "I can offer to buy you a drink, once you feel yourself presentable again? Perhaps in our exploring, you will find a door."
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Athos is hardly sure this qualifies as the actual reason why he prefers to ignore reality, but he allows d'Artagnan to think so, looking at the appearance now that she's become done up. If not for the newer (and slight) curve and the distinct lack of stubble, he thinks he would be fooled.

"Alcohol is a steady and true thing for many reasons, chief among them its ability to erase woes," he imparts.
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Athos turns his head, averting his gaze forcibly. If he didn't know any better, he would honestly think that he's suffering from a drunken stupor. In fact, there is a way to ensure he's not. "D'Artagnan," he says, peering upwards. "Could you strike me? I'd like to make sure I'm not the one dreaming all this up."

Though why he would is utterly beyond him.
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"Yes, well, that is the idea," Athos assures her as he lifts his chin stubbornly. He wishes to know that this is not the result of too much drink and if he is seeing a female d'Artagnan before him, it is because it is actually happening and not due to some odd strike of his mind.
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Athos has learned to take many hits over the years. D'Artagnan has some force and though he recoils slightly, he takes it without a sound, easing back to press his fingers to the blood that's seeped out as a result of his request. So he is not dreaming, then, which makes for a very odd situation, indeed.

"Let's get that drink, then," he suggests, now that the matter is settled.
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Athos takes out his handkerchief in order to deal with the blood, smearing the white with the spots of red that stain the otherwise perfect fabric. The drink is always welcome for him, but he feels this might be an especially true time. "May I ask? When you arrived in Paris? What happened, for you?"
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Athos inclines his head to the side curiously, wondering then, that this version of d'Artagnan has managed to sneak under their noses for so very long. "Did you challenge me to a duel, there, too?" he wonders, given that it's a memorable thing that he cannot forget, even if the subsequent happenings contend for his attention.
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"I'm curious to know how much our histories differ," Athos says, which he believes to be an absolutely reasonable request. He bows his head to her, with respect, to say that he does not mistrust what she is saying. "And if you say you duelled all three of us, then they continue to match, it seems." He reaches for the flagon of wine and begins to drink straight from the neck, feeling as though he truly needs it.
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Athos raises his brow impeccably, for the quip on his tongue isn't ready to be ignored. "Shouldn't that be sister, in this case?" He thinks of Aramis and his nuns unkindly, though he tries to undo that thought in order to pay attention to the situation at hand.

"Until we find a door," he clarifies. "And fix this."
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He sighs in that long-suffering way that says that he is faced with a situation he feels greatly uncomfortable in. The truth is that this could describe most of the situations in Athos' life, but this one feels particularly odd. "Never mind," he allows generously, because he doesn't feel as though he'll be able to win this.

"Let's just drink, shall we?" Drinking is where he can numb himself and lose this nagging headache.