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d'Artagnan of Lupiac in Gascony ([personal profile] temperamentalsteel) wrote2015-02-21 01:26 am
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Despite his friends' admonitions of his hotheadedness, d'Artagnan could learn to be canny. On good days, he could even learn to be patient. When there was something as rewarding as friendly retribution on the line, he could even strategize. With Porthos' booming laughter in his memory, d'Artagnan had parked himself in the hallways and watched as people slipped in and out of the trick doors. It had taken a few days, but he was now certain he'd pinpointed the correct door and had taken care to mark its number.

Then he had knocked on Porthos' door with a smile. "I think I've found a way back to Paris! Come out!"

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