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D'Artagnan sits under a tree, opening the scant few letters that have arrived from Lupiac. Two are from distant relatives, informing him of the things he already knows. Another is an inquiry from a local owner regarding the purchase of his land.

Scowling, he tears the last one to pieces and throws it aside.
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Athos has been watchful of d'Artagnan ever since he joined the regiment, seeing a great deal of himself in the boy. Now, though, he watches his dismay with letters, gesturing to the torn one as he raises his eyebrow calm and slowly. "You seem displeased with your mail. Is it that bad?"
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Athos raises his brow and does not make mention that he would be so grateful if someone were to make an offer for his home and lands, if only so that he wouldn't have to return. Then again, he doubts anyone would wish for ash and char to put their name to. "You wish to go back to your farm? Rebuild?"
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Athos knows precisely what he would do, but must remind himself that simply because he has a stubborn sense of himself does not mean everyone else does and it would do him well to keep that in mind. "Then tell them no," Athos reasons, thinking it shouldn't be too terrible of a decision, then. "Or you can take my burnt lands and own property in multiple places across France."
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"I can understand why it would cause you strife to return," Athos allows, given that he had run away for five years before going back and only by the force of Porthos' life on the line. "D'Artagnan, there are two options for you. You must choose one. You can keep it or you can sell it. Beyond that, there are other decisions, but at this moment, only those matter."
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"Surely Treville would allow you the time to depart for your land if you were to ask," Athos supplies with a curious look. Even though their work is important, Treville has always seen fit to offer a day or two of leave, provided it is paid back later with equal work. "If you wish, I could go with you."
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"I cannot see why he would not," Athos says. "Perhaps you should wait until Aramis or Porthos do something unwise to attract Treville's attention so that whatever new task that may arise goes immediately to them," he says, thinking this the best course of action.
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Athos finds himself riding with no great eagerness to see d'Artagnan's lands burnt down. It will only remind him of his own home, the Fère household no longer the gleaming jewel it had once been in earlier days. Still, he knows that it takes company and that d'Artagnan should not be alone in this. "Which way, from here?" he asks, when the horses reach a fork in the road.
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When Athos finally arrives at the beginnings of what look to be actual farms, he drops behind d'Artagnan, intending for him to give him the signal as to which way they ought to go in order to find the correct farm. He knows how difficult this can be from experience and d'Artagnan doesn't even have the benefit of drinking to escape as Athos does.
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Athos takes his time pulling up to d'Artagnan's side, thinking that he might want a moment to absorb the situation for himself and take it all in. Fire, it seems, is quick in clearing people of their pasts and though it had been somewhat liberating for Athos, he cannot imagine the same is true for d'Artagnan.

"Do you want to go and see if there's anything worth salvaging?"
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Athos is far slower, in this case, not eager to rush into a situation where d'Artagnan is emotional and the whole thing is quite charged. He does not know what d'Artagnan might seek to find in a place like this, but he thinks it better to provide answers than to linger in Paris and always wonder. "Perhaps we can find some possessions still leftover," he offers, for while fire can be thorough, at times it is not all-consuming.

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Athos stands quiet, for he is neither Aramis with his words or Porthos with his comforting touch. He does not know how to give comfort because he has been without it himself for so very long. Instead, he remains a lurking shadow, as if he can simply lend support by being there.

"Perhaps this is opportunity?" he suggests calmly. "Perhaps it is your turn to build."
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Athos follows slightly closer as his worry for d'Artagnan's personal safety grows, the quality of the house weighing in his mind as potentially dangerous. He keeps close, a wary eye on him and the house, eyeing the creaking beams with distaste and a healthy sense of worry. "D'Artagnan," he calls out, calm and even. "Perhaps it would be better if we investigated the damage from outside."

He would hate to lose his life in such a manner. Especially given that he had only barely survived his own house crumbling around him.

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And yet, here is Athos, following quietly and dutifully. D'Artagnan needs the aid, though Athos would never be so ridiculously quick to admit as much aloud, given how proud the young man is. It is as if Labarge is happening all over and Athos must watch over him. "You're more like me than you think," he reminds him patiently. "That is still true, d'Artagnan."
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"Because I have drank away every ounce of fear and anger and pain until every single one of those emotions is buried underneath the weight of so many drinks and outpourings of grief. You still feel, d'Artagnan, and I have not allowed myself such a thing for five years because I know too well what grief does to a man."
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Athos' snort is derisive, but is not meant to be cruel. It is only that he, himself, had asked such a similar question not long ago and thus has no answer for d'Artagnan that he feels able to give. "You have already found a home with the Musketeers. You are leaps and bounds ahead of where I was, when my life was ripped away from me."
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"No," Athos replies patiently, for his life had been taken from him long, long before he had ever met d'Artagnan. "By the time you met me, Aramis and Porthos had managed to iron out the worst of the tragedies that had befallen me. What happened to me was five years past, as you well know, when Anne was forced out of my life by her actions."
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No, five years is hardly enough. Athos knows that as well as anyone, given that although five years have passed, he still feels as though he is only now learning how to nurse this wound. "If you are to avoid ending up like me, then you must take action. It is inaction and a lack of any forward movement that has led me to such dependence on wine," Athos says, flinching as he thinks of admitting such a weakness aloud.
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"You are young, d'Artagnan, and can use some of your commission to slowly build." Athos has money, but he does not think to share it or flaunt it. He would not wish for debt to be created from the passing of money between hands. "If you sell it, you will have Paris. If you do not, you will have a project."