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Character Basics

Name: d'Artagnan
Canon: BBC's Musketeers series, based on the writings of Dumas
Exit: The moment he's commissioned by the King as a Musketeer
Stuck?: For the first few months or so


Time Zone: EST
Availability: Pretty much anytime and always
Slowtagging: No problem, though I tend to tag fast. At least once every 24 hours but usually much more.
Open to: Backstory, alternate universe, what ifs, all kinds of stuff
Canon-puncturing: He'll be quite bemused but also pleased to know that he and his frinds are remembered. That said, his life does not follow the Dumas narrative.

Offensive subjects: I don't do non-con.
Powers: Determined by context of gameplay.


General warnings: He's a hothead with a sword and a musket.

Romantic interaction: He's currently a bit anti-romance at the moment, but go ahead and flirt with him.

Violence: He's getting better at using his head before his sword, but don't be surprised if he slaps you with a glove and demands satisfaction. Open to little cuts and bruises, hit up the dropbox for anything more serious.


For anyone: Feel free to say you saw him out and around, maybe practicing his sword or on horseback.

Special permissions: Athos

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